Council Business


Parish Clerk: Mrs J Chester, Mapleside, Ashperton, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2RZ Tel: 01531 670036
email: website:-

ON MONDAY 22nd JULY 2019 AT 7.30PM


1. To Accept any Apologies for Absence and Note the Reason
2. To Record any Declarations of Interest and Consider any Requests for Dispensations
3. Councillor Vacancies – To Note Councillor Vacancies and To Receive any Nominations for Co-Option
4. To Remind Councillors that all Register of Interest and Expenses forms should have been returned to Herefordshire Council
5. To Consider Approval of Minutes of Parish Council meeting held 13th May 2019
6. To Receive a Brief Report from Three Crosses Ward Councillor, Mr Jonathan Lester
7. Public Participation Session for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council (Please note:
Decisions cannot be made on items not on the agenda) This item to be limited at the discretion of the chairman
8. Planning: NB: no paper copies of applications are available to view at the meeting unless specified
a) To Consider Planning Applications referred for comment: (to be viewed online prior to the meeting)
192043 – Barn at Alderbrook Farm, Little Marcle HR8 2LB – (Prior Approval)
Notification for prior approval for a proposed change of use of an agricultural building to a dwelling house (Class 3) and for associated operational development. Creation of a one smaller and three larger dwellinghouses.
191923 – The Laddin Farm, Little Marcle, HR8 2LB (Retrospective Application)
The installation of exhaust flue associated with the operation of a biomass boiler.
191962 – Tompion, Munsley, HR8 2SH
Proposed ancillary annex accommodation
192311 – Holly Dene, Baregains Lane, Little Marcle, HR8 2JU
Removal of condition 2 of Outline application 1760/77 (bungalow) and condition 1 of Reserved matters application 0891/79 (Contruction of bungalow and garage). To allow removal of agricultural occupancy restriction.
b) To Note Details of Decision Notices Received from Hereford Council: as per planning record
9. To Note that Pixley and District Neighbourhood Development has been approved at Referendum
10. Finance:
a) To Note Finance Report and Bank Balances
b) To Consider Payments of Outstanding Accounts
000481: Munsley WI Hall – annual hall hire – £73.35
000482: Autela Group Ltd – Payroll Services Q1 – £39.23
000483: SLCC – Annual Subscription – £122.00
000484: J Chester – clerk salary June/July as agreed plus £6 expenses
11. Highways/Footpaths:
a) To Receive Update on A4172 from the Highways Working Group
b) To Decide Date for Parish Litter Pick
c) To Note any new Highway and Footpath Defects and work for the Lengthsman
12. Information Section / Correspondence / Discussion:
a) To Discuss Putley Press magazine
b) To Discuss Purchase of new Notice Board
c) To Discuss Trumpet Bus Shelter
d) To Discuss Old Pickling Plant
e) To Consider General Power of Competence
f) To Discuss new driveway at Oasis Lodges
g) To Clarify GDPR rules on intercommunication between councillors
h) To Review Information and Outstanding Actions
13. Reports: To receive any reports from meetings attended
14. Training: To note any forthcoming training dates
15. To Raise items for next scheduled Parish Council Meeting (no discussion)
16. To Decide Dates and Time of Ordinary Meetings for the ensuing year

Signed: JLChester (Clerk to the Parish Council)                                                                                                                           Dated: 15th July 2019
The press and public are cordially invited to attend the meeting


DATES OF SCHEDULED MEETINGS – (all held at Munsley WI Hall at 7.30pm unless advised otherwise)
2019 – Monday 22nd July, Monday 30th September, Monday 25th November
2020 – Monday 27th January, Monday 30th March, Monday 25th May
• Road defects reported to Locality Steward / Herefordshire Council via website
• NDP Support work undertaken and Referendum Notices displayed
• Website updated
• A4172 correspondence received, circulated and responded to
• Lengthsman Insurance Certificate received
• Insurance renewed
• Finance Working Group meeting arranged for Monday 2d September
• End of Year Accounts completed and Certificate of Exemption sent to External Auditor
• Freedom of Information Request received and responded to
• Balfour Beatty – Weekly Locality briefings *
• Balfour Beatty – Herefordshire Road Closures June & July *
• Herefordshire Rural Hub – June & July newsletters *
• Herefordshire Council – Clive Hall – various emails about A4172
• Herefordshire Council – Notice of Referendum Result (NDP) *
• HALC – Training Diary *
OUTSTANDING ACTIONS – These are the consolidated actions outstanding after the last meeting:-
Oct 18 7.2 Clerk ongoing Monitor Condition applied to 182203 Newbridge Farm for footpath diversion
Oct 18 9.4 Clerk ongoing Keep Old Pickling Plant on agenda every six months
Nov 18 10.5 Clerk ongoing Re report drains at Little Marcle Xroads and request verge markers for
Munsley Lane and outside Munsey WI Hall
Jan 19 10.2 Clerk Complete Arrange Annual Maintenance Contract for Defibrillator
Jan 19 11.5 Clerk Complete Ask Balfour Beatty to pursue landowner of rough bramble ground by AL2.
Mar 19 10.5 Clerk ongoing Report inadequate road signs at Falcon Lane / A438
Mar 19 10.6 Clerk ongoing report blocked drains / flooding near The Verzons and The Nest
Mar 19 16b Clerk ongoing Instruct lengthman to clear brambles from AL2
Mar 19 16b Clerk complete report flooding on bends between Falcon Lane and Lily Hall Lane

PLANNING RECORD – (last six months)
184082 Green Gables, Ledbury, HR8 2PZ Certificate of lawfulness for existing use of land for the keeping of animals namely: horses, and rare breed poultry, duck, geese, turkey PC Comment: The Parish Council have concerns over the environmental and welfare conditions the animals are kept in and believe that Herefordshire Council should seek advice from DEFRA and make a site visit. The field is an eyesore visible from the A438 and is having a detrimental effect on adjacent properties. Maintenance of hedges and the use of agricultural fencing rather than high metal barrier fencing would be more appealing. The field access is often churned up resulting in damaged verges and effecting drainage with the result of water pooling on the A438 during heavy storms endangering road users.
184486- Land off Roman Road, Newbridge, Aylton, Ledbury, Herefordshire Proposed 6 holiday lodges with new access PC Comment: Although Pixley and District Parish Council would normally encourage this type of diversity and tourism we OBJECT to this planning application for the following reasons:-
ACCESS – The Parish Council have already made Herefordshire Council aware of their concerns regarding speed and road safety along the A4172 and another new entrance onto this road would only increase these concerns. There are a number of property entrances very near to the proposed new entrance and more slow vehicle movements would increase congestion and the likelihood of accidents. The applicant states that there is an existing gate between the site access drive and the verge on the A4172. This new gateway was actually installed in Spring 2018, without planning permission, by removing an existing full hedgerow, there was never an existing entrance onto the A4172, and this would be evidenced by Google Maps photos of the site and by many local residents witnessing it being installed last year.
LOCATION OF LODGES – The Parish Council have concerns over the location of the proposed lodges as they will be on the boundary of the site and within close proximity of livestock buildings and lodges on an existing holiday park resulting in a negative impact on these businesses. The Parish Council also feel that the density of the lodges on the proposed site is too intense.
In the event that the planning approval is granted the Parish Council would like to see robust conditions regarding the future running of the site to ensure that it is used solely for the purpose as set out in the application.
1. No letting to exceed 4 weeks in any eight week period
2. Lodges not to be disposed of individually only as a complete site.
3. No permanent occupation for management reasons.
The conditions are intended to preserve the intended holiday use and to prevent “back door development ”
192114/AM Haygrove Falcon Lane Ledbury Herefordshire HR8 2PY Proposed non-material amendment to planning permission DCNE2009/0425/F(Retention of polytunnels upon fields H, M, P, Q, R, W, X and Z together with the partial removal of polytunnels from Fields F, G, I, K, L, M, Q, X and Z; and a comprehensive landscaping scheme for the whole site) – to add a condition which relates to the approved plans (as listed in informative no. 4 of DCNE2009/0425/F)