Council Business

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Meeting ID: 718 7676 0873
Password: 9B32Xc


1. To elect a Chairman.
1.1 The Chairman will sign his declaration of acceptance of office.

2. To elect a Vice Chairman.

3. Finance
3.1 To consider payment of all outstanding items, including:
3.1.1 Annual insurance premium.

A resolution will be passed to exclude the public from the following confidential item

4. To employ a new Clerk/RFO (Responsible Financial Officer)
4.1 To consider employing an applicant for the above post.

If employment is undertaken under 4.1 above

4.2 To consider a contract of employment.
4.3 To consider delegating the following powers to the new Clerk/RFO:
4.3.1 Spend within budget.
4.3.2 Comments on planning applications, if necessary due to time constraints and in liaison with parish councillors.

Mark Tristram