Members of Pixley & District Parish Council

Pixley and District Parish Council has 14 seats

Aylton – 3 seats

Cllr Pelham Hawker

Cllr Allen Mawby

Cllr Andrew Riga

Little Marcle 3 seats

Cllr Mark Tristram – Chairman

Cllr Lesley Clothier


Munsley 4 seats

Cllr Ken Bray

Cllr John Davenport



Pixley 4 seats

Cllr Steve Swaithes

Cllr Edward Thompson

Cllr Miranda Thwaites


The Clerk works part-time (7 hours per week).
The clerk to the Council is a vital team member, providing advice and administrative support, and taking action to implement council decisions. The Clerk is the Proper Officer of the Council in law.